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How to be a member?

Welcome to Central Library, central Institute of Tehcnology, Kokrajhar. Central Library gives a wide platform to the members with advancement of new learning enviornment. Currently Central Library has Four types of Members as Student, Teaching staff, Non-Teaching Staff and Guest Members. Find below the rules to be a member of this library.

Common for all members
  • Only registered members can borrow book(s).
  • Each members will have a RFID card for transaction of book(s).
  • Members must come to the library personally and Issue/Return the books at the Shelf Check Station.
  • Membership of a member shall remain valid till he/she remains on the role of the Institute.
  • For duplicate issue of RFID card member should give 100 ruppes along with an application.
  • Non submission of books on time will lead to overdue. Overdue is 15 rupees and one(1) rupees for per day.
  • For new membership, applicant must upload passport photograph(maximum 100kb) and document as membership proof(maximum 200kb).
  • For membership renewal only passport photograph is required.
  • Other rules and regulation is in rules and regulation section of the website.

Student members
  • For Membership fill-up the Student membership online form.
  • Take the library card and borrow books.
Teaching staff members
Non-Teaching staff members
Guest members
  • For Membership fill-up the Guest membershiponline form.
  • Take library card and borrow books.
  • Guest member should have to pay 1000 rupees for annual payment after approval of your membership.
  • Maximum limit of borrow of books is 03 and for 15 days.
  • If any book is damaged or lost then the referring person will equally be responsible as owner and the members should follow the rules memtion in rules and regulation section.

  • *ID Card of Present Organisation/Institution.
    *Address Proof Document.
    *Forwarding from present department authority.