Library internship candidates

Currently Central Library is giving an opportunity for library internship to the outside candidates. The internship is self interest only. They will be provided a wide range of working place in this library. Also internship period included lots of working fields like-

  1. library services
  2. Library activities
  3. Working with digital platform
  4. Working with RFID
  5. Working with SOUL 2.0
  6. Working with ICT systems
  7. Library processes
  8. Many more areas

Candidate should arrange accomodation by own and this internship is free of cost.
Sl. No. Image Name Internship Period Educational Qualification

Sanjib Narzary

02-01-2018 to till date BA(GU), MLISc(AU)

Dhwrwm Sing Baro

02-01-2018 to 24-12-2018 BA(GU), MLISc(AU)

Biju Narzary

02-04-2018 to 30-4-2018 BA(GU), MA(BU), MLISc(TISS,Mumbai)

Diana Islary

01-08-2018 to 17-01-2019 BA(NEHU), MLIS(PU)