Guidelines on How to create e-library account?

E-library account?

How to register for e-library account ?

  • You can apply for e-library registration from your patron account.
  • Log in to your account and proceed to your dashboard.
  • Go to right bottom corner of the page.
  • Under 'Activate e-Library account', you can apply for registration.
  • Register button will appear once your patron account will activate from library.
  • After creation of e-library account, you will receive an email from KNimbus containing id and password.
  • Login in to KNimbus portal and change your password/profile details. You can use/view/download e-resources.
  • For mobile app, download mobile app from play store/ ios store .
  • Sign in with the id and password used in knimbus portal.
  • Access the app with your required contents.